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Pediatric Dental

Sugar Bugs Pediatric Dentistry in Pocatello Idaho.

Laser Treatment

with the Fontana Lightwalker Laser

Comfort Care at Sugar Bugs Pediatric Dentistry in Poctello Idaho

Ideal for children

With Dr. Morgen's magic wand, the need for anesthesia vanishes! With the removal of the drill, children feel more relaxed and comfortable through treatment.

Precision dental care in Pocatello Idaho at Sugar Bugs Pediatric Dentistry

Conservative Treatment

With a "laser-focused" approach, Dr. Morgen can be extremely precise and more gentle to surrounding tissue, creating a less stressful situation for your child.

Quick Healing dental treatments available at Sugar Bugs Pediatric Dentistry in Poctello Idaho.

Faster Recovery

With numbness and discomfort minimized, laser treatment enables a quicker overall recovery getting your child back to doing what they love to do in no time! 

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* All laser treatments include a $15 fee per tooth. Not all teeth or dental procedures qualify for laser treatment and utilization is subject to the Doctor's recommendation.

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